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"This goes to the liars
To those that loved for real
This goes to the ones
That woke up tired
For their nights were long
And their tears were real."

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com (via kushtrimthaqi)

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Beautiful life


Life is colorful,
and sometimes
it blooms,
just like a flower!
Giving smell
to what could only be gazed
giving life
to what was dead
just like a flower,
in it’s blooming phase!

"I wish there would be a way for me to talk, at least once, without contradicting myself!"

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com/ (via kushtrimthaqi)

"If you are smart enough to find a song that shows your true feelings, than you are smart enough to write a song that shows your true feelings."

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com/ (via kushtrimthaqi)

Fuckin’ love.
Hate it, and crave it,
The unbearable pain
That eats you whole;
The stinging heat
The unheard plead,
Fuckin’ love."

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com/  (via kushtrimthaqi)

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"…and love,
was never a thing of mine!"

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"I know I am not worthy of your time,
just as I know that you are not worthy of mine."

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com/ (via kushtrimthaqi)

"I usually love people for the things they do, except you, I love you because you are you."

- http://kushtrimthaqi.com/ (via kushtrimthaqi)

"I love you. I say it every time I hug you and every time I fuck up real bad. I say it so much it doesn’t mean anything to either of us anymore. Now I say I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean anything either."

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"I won’t miss you.
I’ll miss what we did
and where we went.
I’ll miss the thoughts
and possibilities
of what we could have done
and where we could have gone.
But not you.
You’re a whole different story."


Not You

By thoseconstellations

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ya strummin on ma ❤️ strings 👍 you were a grade 8 I never felt this way💃


Someone be cool and message me or something. I’m so bored at work. 

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